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Re: cnvkit update to 0.9.6 needs Fwd: python-pomegranate_0.11.1-1_amd64.changes is NEW

On 30.08.19 13:41, Andreas Tille wrote:

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 02:36:08PM +0200, Steffen Möller wrote:
Just for the ones of yours considering to procrastinate into updating
one of our blends' "newer version available" packages - cnvkit is done,
it just needs an additional build dependency.

I have asked our ftpmasters to consider fast-tracking the pomegranate
module. We'll see.
And I should now take this opportunity to thank our ftpmasters who have
just accepted pomegranate. cnvkit I then also updated almost instantly.
Sidenote: I herewith confirm that Andreas' "routine-update" script is
well worth a look. In my experience this also changes how I look at
patches - you avoid them, invest extra time into sending them upstream.

The downside of course is that one "quickly" helps out with some team
routine updates which then turn out to be less of a routine. Like that
cnvkit one. So, one's time invested into Debian may remain invariant,
but one's yield for the distro may increase.

We should not forget that we still have a new queue problem. pomegranate
has overtaken about 5 packages of mine in new and these have another
5-10 reverse dependencies that I have not yet uploaded to new that all
aim at the RNAseq workflows.


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