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Re: [COMBINE-lab/RapMap] rapmap v0.6.0

Hey Rob,

We packaged rapmap for Debian because we were packaging salmon as well. Looks like we adopted the numbering of the salmon-v* release of rapmap (recently 0.12) so this 0.6.0 release will currently be ignored as it is numerically smaller.

Is that okay with you? What would you like done in the future?

În mar., 5 feb. 2019 la 06:59, Rob Patro <notifications@github.com> a scris:

This release brings the master branch and tagged release up to date with many of the bug fixes, developments and improvements that have been going into the develop-salmon branch in support of salmon development. Among the most important new features in this release is the ability to have rapmap apply selective-alignment to improve the sensitivity and specificity of the mappings. For more details on selective-alignment and mapping validation, refer to the release notes of salmon --- and specifically options related to the --validateMappings. This release also adds the ability to optionally write out unmapped reads in the output SAM with the -u flag.

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