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Re: htslib: FTBFS on i386: 2 tests fail

În lun., 15 oct. 2018 la 01:56, Sascha Steinbiss <satta@debian.org> a scris:
Hi all,

>> test_vcf_api:
>> /<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/test/test-vcf-api /tmp/JMIB5wVvT_/test-vcf-api.bcf
>> bcf_get_format_float didn't produce the expected output.
>> .. failed ...
>> test_vcf_sweep:
>> /<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/test/test-vcf-sweep /tmp/JMIB5wVvT_/test-vcf-api.bcf
>> The outputs differ:
>> /<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/test/test-vcf-sweep.out
>> /<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/test/test-vcf-sweep.out.new
>> .. failed ...

I wonder if this is still https://github.com/samtools/htslib/issues/565
-- in this GitHub ticket Graham Inggs mentioned there was some kind of
workaround for it? Maybe it is enough to adjust this if it's just a
newer gcc version breaking the workarounds?


The suggested workaround was implemented last year, but the problem remains: https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/htslib/commit/020aa907e709125f31734c70687ba70c8cb3e98a



Michael R. Crusoe
Co-founder & Lead, Common Workflow Language project
Direktorius, VšĮ "Darbo eigos", Vilnius, Lithuania

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