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Re: Control: reassign -1 src:gdcm 2.8.7-2

Dear all

Thank to Paul for your answers about the autoremoval and explanation about the ABI problem. It seems that Adrian Bunk's triage message in 909120 (added blocking bug(s) of 909120: 911793) did push the autoremoval for another month (thanks to Adrian as well, as that's exactly what is happening).

Thank you to Mattia for finding the ABI problem and to Matthieu for his comments.

Thank you to Gert for the explanation about vtk7 (by the way do you have any idea about the possible future introduction of vtk8 or vtk9?). You are right about camitk-imp and camitk-config: they are not linked with gdcm. When camitk-imp or camitk-config are run they load some plugins (e.g. the dicom plugin) that itself is linked with gdcm. Running ldd on one of the pluging get the similar missing vtk symbols and so.
So I suppose the problem is in vtk7

From what I can understand (sorry in advance for any approximation or stating the obvious): 1) gdcm 2.8.7-2 moved to python3 (probably because a move from python2 to python3 was required) which I think triggered the choice of moving from vtk6 to vtk7 (which probably made more sense, as I presume vtk6 is also on its way out of buster). 2) When gdcm 2.8.7-2 arrived in sid, it generated a SegFaults during  camitk 4.1.2-1 as camitk 4.1.2-1 was still based on vtk6, and loading any camitk executable meant that both vtk6 and vtk7 were loaded in memory. 3) camitk 4.1.2-2 introduced a patch so that it only depends on vtk7 (and like gdcm 2.8.7 without changing the upstream source version). 4) gdcm 2.8.7-5 then fixed the double dependency to vtk6 and vtk7 but camitk 4.1.2-2 was not rebuilt against it, therefore generating the initial error that triggered bug #911793 5) vtk7 (which was updated in the meantime) seems to have now some missing libraries and as hdf5 is broken as well camitk 4.1.2-2 can not be rebuilt yet

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

On a side discussion:
Does the fact that I moved the dependency of camitk from vtk6 in 4.1.2-1 to vtk7 in 4.1.2-2 might generate another ABI break? If this is the case, I will take any advice regarding how to specify this properly! I will also welcome any information/documentation about how to track the symbol.

Best regards

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