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Re: Status of rsat?

Hi Jacques,

On 12.11.18 23:12, Jacques van Helden wrote:
Dear Andreas

Uncredible to get an answer so fast, just a few hours after Michael Crusoe resurrected the embryo of our RSAT Debian packaging project. 

In the mean time a collaborator in Marseille studied the feasibility of Debian packaging but her conclusions were that it would probably involve 
- a lot of upstream work to compile packages of which RSAT depends, for example Ensembl Perl API
We had the _complete_ Ensembl Perl API in Debian before, with friendly helping hands by the folks at Eagle. It just was not used and eventually removed again because of the difficult situation with ancient Perl libraries that had to go. We can have it back in, completely in parallel to what you are doing in Conda, I tend to think.
- an important reorganisation of the folders

I am now in the process of packaging RSAT to conda, which of course does not prevent to also package it in Debian, if people like Michael and you find some ways to circumvent the difficulties. 

I am with Michael this week at a Biohackathon, so we will have occasions to discuss about it and he even proposed to do some trials in parallel to the conda packaging process. 

I am eager to see if we can get the best of both worlds.
Definitely. For a couple of years now we keep talking about having a booth for Debian at the larger bioinformatics conferences. Just, every year there is something else that I would want to promote as "this is best with us" :o) I have kind of given up on that. So, at the moment I think it would be very cool to just have a table and some chairs and invite the community to join, sit down, talk, experience and define Debian for themselves.



On 12 Nov 2018, at 22:55, Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> wrote:

On Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 05:48:16PM +0100, Michael Crusoe wrote:
Hello from the EU Biohackathon http://bh2018paris.info/

The rsat team is here, working on packaging for bioconda. I found
https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/rsat/ and I was wondering what blockers
that might be to finishing this.

Jacques van Helden intended to learn how to package and I injected
some *extremely* rudimentar packaging to give him a kickstart.  Some
other member of his team intended to join Barcelona sprint but resigned
later (sorry, I'm too offline-ish to seek for the name and details, all
is from my weak memory).

It would be probably nice if you could find a rsat team member that
would care for the package.

Kind regards


Their chat room for the event is at
where I just learned that they will be switching the license to GPL Affero

Thanks in advance,

Michael R. Crusoe
Co-founder & Lead, Common Workflow Language project
Direktorius, VšĮ "Darbo eigos", Vilnius, Lithuania


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