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Re: [Bio-linux-devel] phoenix clinical trial management system integration

On 18/05/18 23:19, Rene Krenn wrote:
> hello,
> would like to probe if there is an interest to include
> https://github.com/phoenixctms ?
> it’s the most powerful EDC system we know.
> pls let me know if it makes sense and someone can/wants to help with
> packaging.

Hi, Rene.

Bio-Linux is a platform for bioinformatics, rather than collecting and
analysing clinical trials data. However, many packages from Debian-Med
are included in Bio-Linux and the two projects work together to avoid
duplication of effort packaging the same bioinformatics software.

The Debian-Med project is much broader than Bio-Linux and specifically
includes biomedical applications like your clinical trials management
software. I've CC'ed your message to the Debian-Med mailing list so we
can discuss the possibility of packaging your software there.

Please post a message to the Debian-Med list explaining clearly what the
licence is for your software and what, exactly, you want to package.



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