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Re: Fwd: New bali-phy version

Hi Benjamin,

On Sun, May 06, 2018 at 06:36:51PM +0300, Benjamin Redelings wrote:
> OK, I figured this out, now that I can debug the pbuilder fails. Thanks!

You are welcome - package uploaded.

> Yeah, that was a misleading error message from meson.  It was actually
> failing to find python to run the script.  I removed the Build-Depends on
> python 2, and added a quilt patch to change the interpreter to
> /usr/bin/python3.  I might change this upstream, if this also work on
> homebrew, although on homebrew it is not necessary since /usr/bin/python
> recently changed to point to python3

Hmmmm, as far as I understand simply making /usr/bin/python to python3
is not the recommended approach since python3 is considered a "different
programming language".  But well, it forces people to do the right move
away from Python 2. :-)
> The extra error indirectly resulted from the fact that pbuilder runs the
> tests with HOME=/nonexistant.  This caused an extra error message.  I
> changed the test script to stop requiring that the error messages are
> EXACTLY x, but that instead the error messages contain all lines in x.

Yes, different HOME is another source of unexpected issues when using
pbuilder. :-)
> As a result, I can now build the package with gbp buildpackage @ pbuilder. 
> The repo on salsa should be up-to-date now.
> > Moreover I'd recommend to switch to Python3.
> The test script works in both python2 and python3.  So the question is just
> whether /usr/bin/python3 is a usable name on other OSs where /usr/bin/python
> just works.  I suspect it is.

If you change tp python3 in upstream for the next release its fine.  If
not please add a short DEP3 header to the patch (feel free to ask if you
have no idea what DEP3 might be!)

Kind regards



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