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Re: picard-tools progress status

Hi Olivier,

thanks a lot for your work on this and the status update.

On Wed, May 02, 2018 at 09:39:44AM +0200, Olivier Sallou wrote:
> after quick and dirty packaging of picard new dependencies (done
> locally, can't be uploaded in this state), I could build picard-tools.

Feel free to be more verbose in case you might need some help with those
> However, there are many failing tests (168 at this time), though ~2800
> tests are fine.
> Some failures I can"t explain (freezing, thread errors , with no
> detailled log) and others where picard seems to fail with htsjdk (the
> one from experimental, with nio errors).
> I am not really confident that I will be able to debug all those errors,
> which may be related to debian env (patching, gradle etc...) or from
> packaged dependencies.
> For htsjdk test errors, it seems they are all related with 2 recurrent
> errors among failed tests
> ...

May be we can ask on debian-java about some gradle (or similar) related
issues.  But before we surely need those predependencies to keep the
worklow of helpful people low.

Kind regards



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