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RRID update on salsa on packages starting with A+B


I just procrastinated a bit into using the comfort of salsa to update debian/upstream/metadata and here the references to SciCrunch, OMICtools and bio.tools registries. All three registries have improved their coverage enormously over the past few months. I am deeply impressed.

Anyway. I came across

 * one or two entries that had perfect RRID descriptions on salsa but not on our task page - does the package need to be re-uploaded for the change to become visible?

 * belvu and blixem that are from the same source package but have different task entries and also separate catalog entries in all three registries. This breaks the current UDD schema. I have annotated it now as ['belvu','blixem'] (for bio.tools, the others analogously).

Ideas for improvements anyone? Or is this how it should be for now?



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