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Maybe sponsor package under debian-med umbrella?


    I see that many bioinformatics programs such as muscle, mafft, and fsa (alignment) and mrbayes, beast-mcmc, and phyml (phylogenetics), etc. are maintained by the "Debian Med Packaging Team".  I uploaded a package for bali-phy (which does simultaneous alignment) to mentors.debian.net.  (Disclaimer: I am the author). I was originally planning to try to maintain this on my own, but (supposing people are interesting in this package) would the Debian Med team be a better structure?

    Many of the programs that I use (such as figtree) are available in Debian now, but a few (e.g. tracer: http://tree.bio.ed.ac.uk/software/tracer/, canu: https://github.com/marbl/canu) are not.  I would probably be interested in packaging tracer.  Like figtree, it is a java program, and it is by the same authors, so I presume I could use the figtree package as a template.



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