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Re: GitLab pages (Was: Migration from Alioth to Salsa)

Am Samstag, den 17.02.2018, 09:15 +0100 schrieb Andreas Tille:
> > All the Debian GIS repository are configured to use debian/.gitlab-
> > ci.yml instead of the default .gitlab-ci.yml (in the root of the
> > repository), this avoids triggering the CI for upstream projects
> > that include a .gitlab-ci.yml in their source (e.g. postgis &
> > librttopo).

Actually, a Debian added .gitlab-ci.yml in the root directory will also
be in the way for gbp. 

A few more notes for those who want to make use of gitlab-ci to test
package builds: 

* The repository that is checked out is not on master (useually a
dangling commit sha), and the pristin-tar branch is directly not
available and checking out these branches doesn't seem to get the
latest commit, wo what I added 

    - git checkout pristine-tar 
    - git pull 
    - git checkout master 
    - git pull 

* The log length is limited. Since with dpkg-buildpackage verbose
output is configure, builds of larger packages might be canceled mid
way, so I added 

    - gbp buildpackage -uc -us 2>&1 >../build.log
    - tail -n 100 ../build.log

* The builds are by default limited to 60 minuten, one can change this

So far I added this to med-team/maxflow and med-team/mia.


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