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Re: Bio-Linux vs Debian-Med package lists [update]

Hi Tony,

thanks for the comparison.

On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 07:21:20PM +0100, Tony Travis wrote:
> Re: Our discussion at the 2018 Debian-Med Sprint in Barcelona.
> I've compared our Bio-Linux 'master' package list used to create the
> 'live/install' USB stick with your "med-bio*" list of 'Recommends:'.
> Updated to remove ',' from the end of "med-bio*" package names and the
> "bio-linux-" prefix from the Bio-Linux 'master' package list.

I was working down your list and have pushed it into a newly created
repository here:


Non-biological software was striped of, packages only in Debian were
also stripped.  The diff contained several false positives which are
marked by "??? in Debian" - may be Tony can clarify why he thinks
these were marked missing.

Real missings got helpful links and comments added.  Please work
down this todo list, package what is possible and add the repository
containing your packaging effort.

Everybody is welcome to add further remarks to the list - most
preferably adding links to the repository where the packaging is
started.  So feel free to

     git clone git@salsa.debian.org:med-team/community/bio-linux.git

and help making Bio-Linux a real subset of Debian.

Kind regards



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