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Re: Salsa migration of Debian Med team packages

Hi all,

>> Picking a random repository, I noticed no integration was enabled.
>> Can I suggest:
>>  + email on push to dipatch@tracker.debian.org ¹
>>  + irc notification to #debian-med
>>  + tagpending hook
> Cool, didn't know these were already existing and usable. :)
> Will look into this right away.

Done. The first two are indeed very useful and now active on all current
projects in the med-team space. I have also added email-on-push
notifications to the traditional mailing list [1] on request of the

Do we also want the automatic tag-pending assignment hook?

Note that these integration services are not enabled by default for new
GitLab projects created via the web interface. To create new projects
with these enabled out of the box, one can, for example, use [2] or get
inspired by a variety of other tools out there from other teams.


[1] debian-med-commit@lists.alioth.debian.org

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