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Re: CI for ray

Hi Nadiya,

On Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 06:35:44PM -0700, Nadiya Sitdykova wrote:
> Graham, thank you for your advice and those examples. It really makes sense
> to get rid of ssh dependency for a whole package, since it could be used on
> the same host.

I agree that it is better to stay with less dependencies but finally it
does not real practical harm if the package pulls ssh.  I admit I would
consider it a bug that openmpi-bin is not even suggesting ssh - I
personally would even go with Recommends if I would be the maintainer.
> Andreas, I removed ssh from dependencies and added mention by Graham line
> to the run-unit-test.

I've created a new changelog entry for this change since the package was
uploaded and leave it as is until we might have another reason to upload.

Thanks for your work on this



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