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Re: Getting user-space containers with Singularity - works


Thanks for bringing this up, Steffen.

على الأحد 23 تـمـوز 2017 ‫11:30، كتب Steffen Möller:
> Our pals from neuro.debian.net are already actively using this
> technology and kindly nurture backports.d.o with it.

I think the Neurodebian group only maintains backports in their own
neurodebian repositories. Singularity's development is moving rather
quickly and the freeze kind of made the official Debian backports of
singularity uselessly outdated for those several months. Now, of course,
we can use jessie-backports-sloppy and stretch-backports, but
singularity there is still outdated at the moment.

> I have also seen
> Roland in the changelog. Many thanks! With feedback from Yaroslav I
> created a quick introduction to get you started at
> https://wiki.debian.org/singularity.  It is quite an eye opener. Enjoy!

Thanks, Steffen. Our group at the US NIH HPC has also a guide and
tutorial for our users:


My old colleague who wrote those actually ended up moving on to a job as
a singularity developer.

I think a very successful Debian example would make use of
snapshot.debian.org as a mirror in the definition file in order to be
able to regenerate exactly the same container at any time.


Afif Elghraoui | عفيف الغراوي

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