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Please consider a more convenient versioning of your download tarball

Hi Brian,

I'm writing you on behalf of the Debian Med team which is a team inside
Debian with the objective to package free software in life sciences and
medicine for official Debian.  On our so called biology tasks page we
are also listing beagle[1] since it is also included in Debian.  As you
see on this page[1] it seems that there is a new upstream version
available but this is actually not really the case.

The reason for this "new upstream version" warning is that you are using
a quite unconvenient versioning system for your download archive.  That's
pretty ... uhmmm, I have no idea how to describe - amongst our more than
500 packages there is no project where you can not sensibly sort download
archives alphabethically.  So I would suggest you could change the current


into something like


or something like this since your date format does not help in sorting
and leads to confusion on users side (probably not only for Debian

Thanks for your cooperation


[1] https://blends.debian.org/med/tasks/bio#beagle


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