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Re: Bug#848236: Remaining issue with gbrowse - any help (Was: Urgent call to BioPerl users (Was: Bug#848236: src:gbrowse: ...)

On Wed, 18 Jan 2017 17:27:21 +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:

> > Cool.  In Debian terminology this means a new "Build-Depends" and after adding
> > libbio-coordinate-perl package to this the tests succeeded.  Thanks a lot for
> > your help and patience!
> > 
> > I now need to sort out some other issues with packaging and think I'll upload
> > soon.
> This is done now.
> I'd recommend you have a look at several patches for the Debian package which
> are available here:
>    https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debian-med/gbrowse.git/tree/debian/patches

Oh, cool, adding the (build)-dep is really enough, no patching
required. Nice.
For stretch, I think there's still one thing to do:
autopkgtest still fails with

pmerror:/tmp/apt-dpkg-install-qeDTFa/103-gbrowse.deb:42.2343:trying to overwrite '/usr/share/man/man3/Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store::LoadHelper.3pm.gz', which is also in package libbio-perl-perl 1.7.1-2


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