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Re: Remaining issue with gbrowse - any help (Was: Urgent call to BioPerl users (Was: Bug#848236: src:gbrowse: ...)

On Mon, 16 Jan 2017 21:38:14 +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:

> thanks a lot for you detailed analysis.  BTW, you should be able to `git
> push` into Debian Med repository - no need to do the attachment detour
> if this might be more convenient for you.

Ack, will do so next time.
> Hmmm, may be I misunderstand but the failed tests are preventing
> the build from succeeding and besides
>   0001-Drop-patch-fix_perl_deprecation.patch
>   0002-debian-rules-update-name-of-a-config-file-in-chmod-c.patch
> which I `git am`ed I did not found anything in your mail.

Right, the three tests are still failing, and I didn't provide a
patch because I haven't found a solution :)

(For the autopkgtest trial run, I first built the package with


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