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pbcommand new upstream

Hi Afif,

at the sprint I’m currently trying to update kineticsTools to a recent version. However, it also requires a newer version of pbcommand, which we missed to keep up-to-date as upstream are not tagging their GitHub releases [1]. It is possible to manually track the upstream versions by watching the history of pbcommand/__init__.py in the repo [2], which contains the version number that is used in the setup.py. They're currently at 0.5.4 while we only carry 0.3.x.

What would you suggest, package the current version now that we need it? You have got more experience with the PB tools and how likely they are to break APIs across versions — do you think it’s a good idea?


[1] https://github.com/PacificBiosciences/pbcommand/issues/116
[2] https://github.com/PacificBiosciences/pbcommand/commits/master/pbcommand/__init__.py

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