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Re: [MoM] deepnano getting info from maintainer

Hi Çağrı,

On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 03:44:19AM +0300, Çağrı ULAŞ wrote:
> Sorry for delayed reply. I filed an ITP but I cant get how to track it. It
> said:
> If you want to provide additional information, please wait to receive the
> > bug tracking number via email, ...
> >
> but I did not get any email. Is this may take time? What should I do to
> know is it worked?

Hmmm, did you used

    reportbug wnpp

to file the bug?  Did you added the Debian Med list as additional
receiver of the mail?  Since there was no any mail here it might be that
your MTA is not configured properly and the mail created by reportbug
never left your local computer.  You might like to try this by

    mailx -s "test" <your@email.address> </dev/null

If you do not get any mail your mailer is brocken (you might like to
check the logs for any hints).  If you do not manage to configure this
properly you can manually copy the mail content which is created by
reportbug to your gmail webmailer and send it to - hmmm, I think its
control@bugs.debian.org - please check this on www.debian.org where the
BTS interface is documented.

In any case you can check whether your ITP was successful by checking


Hope this helps



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