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Re: [MoM] Emperor license

Hi, Kerim,

Please keep in mind putting "[MoM]" at the beginning of the email
subject as I have just added. I also put something more informative as
the subject line.

على الأحد 16 تشرين الأول 2016 ‫07:53، كتب Kerim Ölçer:
> Hello Andreas, I looked at Emperors liscences. Some of them use
> copyright liscences ( no MIT,GPL etc.). You looked it before is this a
> problem if it is what should i do ?

Are you talking about the contents of
<https://github.com/biocore/emperor/blob/new-api/LICENSE.md>? I looked
through it just now and I don't see any problems. Is there anything
specific that confused you (I'm not sure what you mean by a copyright


Afif Elghraoui | عفيف الغراوي

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