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Re: Anybody able to have a 20min talk at 3rd Swiss Galaxy Workshop, Thursday, October 20th, Freiburg (Germany)?

>>>>> "A" == Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:

    A> Hi, I was invited to
    A> https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Events/Switzerland2016
    A> to have a short talk about Debian Med.  Unfortunately I can not
    A> make it due to some scheduling conflict.  I wonder whether
    A> somebody else from the Debian Med team might be able to go.  I'd
    A> support this by some slides if needed.
    >> if I can use your slides for the initial 2/3 of the talk and if
    >> it's OK if I spend the remaining 1/3 on the Qlustar support of
    >> DebMed, I'd take over.

    A> For me that would be fine.  Are slides in LaTeX beamer OK?  I'd
    A> need the weekend to assemble the slides.

Ok, good, so I'll go. Latex beamer produces PDF, right? I'll be using
Libreoffice/Impress. There are several options to handle this.
I suggest to discuss the followups about how to produce the
slides etc. offline, probably not so interesting for the list :)



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