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[MoM] Re: Packaging deepnano

Hi Çağrı,

On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 01:23:56PM +0300, Çağrı ULAŞ wrote:
> I'd like to pack deepnano. Is there any info about the package (like
> emperor).

On the web page you have picked the package from you can find on the
right hand side in the yellow box some metadata.  One is the hint to
VCS which gives a link to



> And what i have to do next?

Follow Debian Med policy to get a login to alioth.debian.org and read
some basic documents which are mentioned on the MoM page.

> After my package is become definite, I'll add my name into list on MoM site.

Fine.  I think there should not be that much work left for deepnano any
more.  I just left it alone when the user prefered some other software
over this one (see my comment in d/changelog).

I think the best way to start would be to contact the upstream author
and ask for adding some release tags which is always way more convenient
than to package random Git commits.

Hope this helps so far - feel free to ask for more details



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