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Re: [MoM] Re: bart - tools for computational magnetic resonance imaging

Hi Martin, some pieces of advice below:

On 07/12/15 11:26, Martin Uecker wrote:
The only issue is that I have to specify the tag with 'gdb'
because it looks for 'upstream/v0.2.09' which does not
currently exist. Instead of adding these tags, I would prefer
to reconfigure 'gdb' to use the existing upstream tags without
the prefix 'upstream/'. Then I could just push the regular
upstream tags. Would this be ok?

Just add a debian/gbp.conf [1] file with the following content:

upstream-branch = upstream
debian-branch = master
upstream-tag = v%(version)s
debian-tag = debian/%(version)s
pristine-tar = True

That way you are documenting how your packaging repository is layed out explicitly (always a good thing), plus gbp will pick up these options over the default ones under $HOME/.gbp.conf. That way, you won't need to explicitly specify the tag via --git-upstream-tag anymore.

[1] http://honk.sigxcpu.org/projects/git-buildpackage/manual-html/man.gbp.conf.html

I also created a newer upstream tag v0.2.09d specifically
for the initial packaging work because I made some upstream
changes to make packaging easier.  The bart_0.2.09.orig.tar.gz
which is now in the pristine-tar branch actually corresonds
to v0.2.09d.  I hope that is not too messed up, but with the
next upstream version (to be released soon) this hack would
Since you have yet to submit a first Debian package publicly, you are kind of free to do whatever you like with the packaging specific branches (pristine-tar, master) of your repository (force push, rebase...). Just make sure everything is in order once your package is ready for its first submission.


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