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Cooperation between Code4Health and Debian Med


I'm writing you on behalf of the Debian Med team that has the objective
to package any software relevant in medicine for the official Debian
distribution.  We have created more than 500 packages (the large amount
in the field of microbiology) and have put them into specific categories
(we call these "tasks").

You can get a full overview about packaged software and projects that
are on our todo list here:


I came across Code4Health when I've read an announcment about the usage
of openMAXIMS in a British hospital.  For the moment we have put this
project on our todo list in the hospital information system tasks


I need to confirm that we certainly will not be able to create the
packaging without internal knowledge of the software authors.  This has
worked quite well when packaging fis-gtm as a precondition for VistA.
The Debian Med team has established a mentoring program to simplify the
work of packaging for newcomers that has proven to be successful in
the case of fis-gtm packaging.

In my humble opinion openMAXIMS in special and Code4Health in general
have common interests with Debian Med.  You try to create free medical
software and we try to make the installation and maintenance as easy as
possible.  If you have some interest for cooperation feel free to
discuss ways to do so here on our mailing list.

Kind regards



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