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GDCM (mostly?) ready for upload.

Dear all, 

I've merged the changes for gdcm-2.6 back to the main packaging tree.

The notable changes are: 

 * new upstream version 
 * transition to vtk6 
 * removal of libgdcm-java because it requires libvtk6-java which is 
   not available. 

Everything builds and installs nicely, but before I call for sponsoring
I'd like some feedback on one issue I found: 

The package contains some sourceless *.lib files that are presumably
Visual Studio static libraries. They are also in the 2.4.4 package
which means that either FTP-master was okay with it or they didn't
catch this. Now I was wondering whether they should be removed, and if
so whether someone has a pointer how this can be done automatically,
i.e. is there a better way then described in [1]? 

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/BenFinney/software/repack

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