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Re: C-sharp question: Failure adding assembly ... Strong name cannot be verified for delay-signed assembly

Maybe that is just a placeholder signature but not a real signature. See delayed signed libraries. Those you need to sign using sn -R $dll $snk IIRC yourself after the dll was compiled. For more background see: http://stackoverflow.com/a/8394506

Does the old package still instill on Mono 3.2.8? Try remove and install it again.

On Sat, Oct 17, 2015 at 1:08 AM, Gert Wollny <gw.fossdev@gmail.com> wrote:

> What does "sn -T /path/to/gdcm-sharp.dll" report? "sn" is the tool
> for
> looking at and manipulating signatures on C# compiled output, check
> the
> flags with "sn -h sn"

It reports:

Mono StrongName - version
StrongName utility for signing assemblies
Copyright 2002, 2003 Motus Technologies. Copyright 2004-2008 Novell.
BSD licensed.

Public Key Token: aa55076f0ca26f2f

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