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GDCM woes

Dear all, 

I'm currently trying to package the new version 2.6 of gdcm. 
All the work is done in a separate branch [1]. 

Things I've done: 

- add the patch proposed by  Mathieu in #797673 to use CastXML to
  generate csharp bindings, 
- switch to VTK6,  
- remove java bindings because they require libvtk6-java, which is not 
  available due to #773422 (luckily there are no reverse dependencies
  on  the gdcm-*-java packages, 
- remove the castxml patch since it is applied upstream, 
- update patches.  

However, the package doesn't compile because swig (2.0 and 3.0) don't
like the input when creating the C# bindings, i.e. they fail with 

/usr/bin/swig2.0 -csharp -namespace vtkgdcm [...]   [...]/VTK/vtkgdcm.i
/usr/include/vtk-6.2/vtkObject.h:50: Error: Syntax error in input(1).

The line in question is: 
  class VTKCOMMONCORE_EXPORT vtkObject : public vtkObjectBase

and somehow I suspect that VTKCOMMONCORE_EXPORT is not defined

Now, I don't have any clue about using swig, so any help on how to fix
this would be appreciated. 

Given that gdcm blocks the migration of ITK and all packages that
depend on the latter, it would be nice to get this package bug-free

Now, considering that the gdcm mono bindings also have no reverse
dependencies and that they are supposed to be created using activiz.net
(no VTK6) and mummy (needs gccxml and doesn't work with g++5), one
approach may be to drop C# bindings for now - which would be my
approach if nobody steps up do resolve the problem differently. 

[1] svn://svn.debian.org/debian-med/trunk/packages/gdcm/prepare-2.6

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