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Re: Adding libkmc-dev to the kmc package

Hi Kevin,

On Thu, Oct 01, 2015 at 07:24:10PM +1000, Kevin Murray wrote:
> Hi all,
> The kmc package is intended by upstream to be usable as a C++ library. So, I've
> added a C++ libkmc-dev package which distributes the headers and a static
> archive. This work has been pushed to daube/libkmcdev of the git repo on
> git.debian.org.

In principle I like modularisation - even more if done properly with
static *and* dynamic library.  However, as yesterday said to Michael for
libgff - only if the dynamic library does not consume to much time ...
In the later case I'm a fan of d-shlibs to install the files.
> I've used gbp pq to manage patches, and it made some automatic changes to the
> patch queue. So, please review the patch queue, and if any of the changes annoy
> you, I'll revert them and use quilt.

I now see what you mean.  For me that is fine.  It might happen that I
might disturb pq when refreshing a quilt patch.  Hopefully pq will be
able to deal with this.  Otherwise its fine for me.
> Is it worth packaging a shared library, and modifying the binaries in the kmc
> binary package to use the shared library?

As said above: I consider it worth if not to time consuming to implement.

> Note that this isn't ready for upload yet, this is just me letting you know
> that I'm working on this :).

Thanks for working on this.  BTW, I see a popcon of zero for kmc.  Are
all kmc users (and also non-kmc users ;-)) sure they have

   sudo dpkg-reconfigure popularity-contest

set to "yes"?  It would help to give us some data in what package to
spent more or less time.

Kind regards



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