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Re: Bug#777000: ITP: limereg -- Lightweight Image Registration. Commandline application for image registration (automatically aligning two images with similar content).

On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 06:24:04PM +0000, Ghislain Vaillant wrote:
> Added cc to debian-med.
> I personally disagree with your statement on medical image registration. I
> believe both fast and sophisticated registration tools can live together.
> Your package would fit perfectly in d-science or d-med, if not both.

... but usually we will not compete about packages between both teams.
I'd recommend to pick the team you feel most comfortable in.
> Before actually finding a sponsor, you'd need to prepare the packaging
> somewhere, in your personal or chosen debian team git repository for
> instance, and make sure it is of sufficient quality for an upload (using
> tools like Lintian). Then, you will file an RFS bug, which will point
> prospective sponsors to the location of your packaging and give them
> instructions on how to build and test the resulting binary packages.

I'd recommend


which (intentionally!) requires joining a team and using their VCS. ;-)
> > Anyway, I need a sponsor, if this shall become part of Debian.

That's granted via SoB.

Kind regards and thanks to you both for the fruitful discussion



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