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Re: Lintian's warnings : ldconfig call is useless and unsafe...

Hi Andreas,

About the excluded files, I've finally decided to remove them. I pushed
the last changes this afternoon.
Hmmm, pristine-tar has not changed and the lintian error
E: fw4spl source: source-is-missing Apps/VRRender/doc/source/_static/jquery.js
remains on my side.  Don't you get this error?

Indeed, I forgot to push pristine-tar, and in the same time, I removed the line
which excluded the Apps/VRRender/doc directory.

So I'm still waiting from news on this subject, but I've seen that some
maintainers add an override. So, are these warnings really problematic ?
I do not think it is problematic but I'd leave it without override to
not hide a problem which is not fully understood.

I continue to discuss about it with the "mentors".

Thanks for your help,


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