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Re: [Ping] Bug#706957: RFS: tryton-modules-stock-lot/2.8.0-1 [ITP]

* Andreas Tille: " Re: [Ping] Bug#706957: RFS: tryton-modules-stock-lot/2.8.0-1
  [ITP]" (Wed, 29 May 2013 12:02:38 +0200):

Hi Andreas,

> > > If you want me to ask for registering a pkg-tryton project (or whatever
> > > name you want to suggest - feel free to do so) I'd volunteer to do so
> > > and grant you admin permissions.  However, the announcement[2] is 10
> > > years old and there was no DM status at this time - I can't believe that
> > > you should not be able to register a project that makes perfectly sense.
> > > Why not simply go to
> > > 
> > >    https://alioth.debian.org/register/
> > > 
> > > and fill in the form.  WOrst that can be happen is that your request
> > > will be rejected but I have severe doubt that this will happen.  
> > 
> > I simply went there and got a big fat red "Projektregistrierung ist
> > beschränkt auf Alioth, nur Administratoren können neue Projekte anlegen."
> > So, no, I didn't get rejected, it was just not possible to create any
> > request.  
> Uhmm, that comes unexpected to me.  Just tell me if I should register
> such a project (once you might agree to the policy).

Please be so kind to register pkg-tryton. It will be enough for me to evaluate,
if I will find all I am needing. My username on alioth is mathiasb-guest.
> > > I admit people might have a different sense of humor - but this World
> > > Domination thingy is just a running gag.  I think there is no doubt that
> > > it only can be a joke.  
> > 
> > The document is meant and linked as *policy*. I think (and support), there
> > is very little humour in Debian, when it comes to policies as DFSG etc...;).
> > Humour is just not appropriate in policy documents.   
> I admit that a policy document should refrain from humor and some better
> wording should be found.
> > Whenever I will have a little spare time, I will make another proposal. As
> > long as this remains unchanged, it is indeed a showstopper for me.  
> From my perspective technically the wording would be worth a bug report
> severity minor - I would not regard minor bugs as showstoppers.  (Just to
> explain my point of view, not trying to change your mind.)

Filed under [1]. 

BTW: The fusionforge package itself doesn't seem to have at all a public




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