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Re: Upload praat 5.3.35-2

* Andreas Tille <tille@debian.org> [2012-12-13 23:18]:

So, do you think the change of d/copyright makes another upload necessary?

No problem, we can wait for the next upstream release.

@Andreas: I see that in version 5.3.35-1, you put my name and email address in the trailer line. Is this a common practice in debian-med? I am asking because, according to section 4.4 of the Debian Policy: "The maintainer name and email address used in the changelog should be the details of the person uploading *_this_* version." My reading from this is that the name of the uploader (you) should appear in the trailer line, not mine.

I admit I was not really aware of this topic and I personally think that this does not really reflect the sponsoring method. In a changelog those people who *changed* something should be mentioned. In a team upload were several people did changes to the package we are actually doing as policy requests. However, if the only change I'm doing is changing the target distribution from "UNRELEASED" to "unstable" / "experimental" this is actually not "changing" a package and IMHO the sponsee is actually the person that "deserves the honor" of beeing named as the person who worked on the package.

Well, the name of the sponsee would appear anyway in the "[ Name ]" tag.

Another argument is from an UDD point of view there is a distinction between changed_by, maintainer and signed_by (in table upload_history). So IMHO it is totally apropriate if I'm appear as "signed_by" because it fits what I really did.

In this sense Debian Policy IMHO does not really reflect the reality in this specific case but I admit I do not consider this as an issue that's important enough for me to spend some time into it.

Fair enough, just keep your current practice.



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