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end of the year

Hi everybody,

now it is the time again. The days are closing in, the year is drawing to an end and the Christmas season starts. As last year we should think of all those, that are not around with their own kind. Again, during the last few months, lots of volunteers all around the world tracked down those poor souls and put their cases in the database. We should take care of those needy. This year, there are about 100 cases which are relevant to Debian Med [1]. So please feel pity for them and allow the transition of as many as possible poor souls to their final destination, the retirement community in the Archive. Last year we helped about 60 of them, maybe this year we can do even better.

As soon as I get the notice of a closed case I will record that in our Advent calendar[2]. In contrast to normal calendars, let us fill this special one with lots of good deeds. Maybe we can hide at least one number of a closed case behind every door.

Good hunting,


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