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Re: Packaging OpenEMR officially for Debian

On Wed, Aug 01, 2012 at 09:01:20AM -0400, Luis Ibanez wrote:

> This discussion on upgrades for GNUmed and OpenEMR will be of great
> interest for the packaging of VistA as well.  It would seem that we all have
> similar challenges: updating a system with a database that may already
> contain user data.
> I will be listening with great interest...      :-)

GNUmed takes this approach:

- the (Debian) package installs the files needed to upgrade the database
- the admin must invoke/effect the actual upgrade when appropriate

The upgrade script:

- verifies the hash of the source database
- clones the source database (say, version 16)
  under the new name (say, gnumed_v17)
- sequentially applies database change scripts
  according to a config file
- verifies the hash of the target database

In other words, the source database remains untouched and
can still be used when something goes wrong.

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