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Re: Bug#190753: Proposing to appeal to the tech. comittee about language extensions in scripts.

Charles Plessy wrote:
> As proposed in 2010 (http://bugs.debian.org/190753#98), I would like to ask the
> Technical Comittee to reconsider our Policy, and restrict it to cases where the
> name of a program is an interface (http://bugs.debian.org/190753#128).

Actually, my message http://bugs.debian.org/190753#128 proposed exactly
the opposite of what you say. Specifically, if the name of the program,
including the extension, is an interface, then retain it. Note that
"interface" is fairly broad and could include being used in lots of
documentation, I suppose. I also suggested shipping a symlink for the
benefit of users who don't want to remember implementation details.

see shy jo, who originally wrote dh_* in shell script, just saying

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