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Any progress with FIS GT.M?


the mail below is the last one in my folder about GT.M progress.
Meanwhile Ean whoed interest and somebody else I unfortunately forgot
but whom I did directed to Luis.  I'm a bit concerned about the progress
of packaging.  My estimated schedule to bring FIS GT.M into next stable
Debian was beginning of May which is pretty close - too close
considering the silence about this.  Could you please give a status
update?  For me silence means "no problems occured" - otherwise I hopes
to have teached in the MoM period to pop up here and ask for help.  But
no problems also occure if there is no work at all.  Please, pretty
please keep on working on this goal or let us know how we can help to
reach it.

Kind regards


On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 09:27:56PM -0400, Luis Ibanez wrote:
> Yes, this certainly makes sense.
> I'll grab the 5.5 version and put it in a Git branch.
> This will make easier to evaluate how difficult it
> might be to port the current cmake files to V5.5.
> I'll double check on this with Bhaskar as well.
>      Luis


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