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Re: Health 2.0 Developer Challenge


and now my other half announced that she is going to

The Health Datapalooza
Washington DC, June 5-6, 2012
and that all our family is going too ;)

so, I thought may be to register myself and spread the word about
Debian and DebianMed -- this meeting will have the "HDI Forum"

 "The goal of the Health Datapalooza is to showcase the best and
 brightest new applications using data from government and other
 sources. Innovators will present their technologies to the audience,
 describing how it uses health data and makes a meaningful impact on
 health. The very best new applications will be featured at the Forum on
 the main stage, in breakout sessions, or in an expanded exhibit hall."

I bet Debian/DebianMed appearance would be ... "surprising" among that
audience, but I think that it remains a good fit for this.

What do you think?

If you think that I should present there, would you mind helping me with
which is due March 30th:

* Should it be Debian or DebianMed?

  I am more inclined toward DebianMed since it rings a bell right away.

 If DebianMed:

* Please provide a one-line pitch of your organization: 

 The ultimate (operating system|platform) for medicine,
 pre-clinical research, and life sciences.

 Complete free and open system for all tasks in medical care and

  they both might like to get 'community-driven' 

*  there would be questions related to privacy and data use addressing
   which might be a bit tricky, so I might just omit them altogether.

   also would need to prep some slides presenting DebianMed -- any
   sketches/previous talks/slides?

   supporting materials -- also not sure what could be a worth adding
   (Social Contract? ;) )

* then I would like to request "an exhibit table", not sure if I should
  aim for a full blown presentation "during the HDI Forum main session"
  but it might be worth to "demonstrating an app or product in another
  session (apps demos or breakout sessions)"

Sorry for a patchy email -- I am in the middle of things and timing is
not right atm -- but here it is and I would appreciate your feedback of
any kind.


On Mon, 06 Feb 2012, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:

> The dearest 2nd half of me let me know about
> http://www.health2challenge.org/ which aims at improving IT
> infrastructure in health industry.  They regularly carry out
> Code-a-thons "to build exciting new applications and tools for improved
> health care".  The last one just finished in NYC and IIRC next one would
> be sometime in summer...

> I thought to just share information about such initiative existence
> which seems to be going well in line with Debian-Med's goals and I think
> it might be very valuable to at least see if someone could present
> Debian-Med project there.
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