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Re: GNU Health wins the FSF Award for Projects of Social Benefit

Hi Cristina,

thanks for this interesting information and congratulations to the award!

As you might know the Debian Med team is traing to build Debian packages
from GNU Health - at least some preparation is done:


What we do really need is that people from upstream are checking and
probably enhancing the packaging.  If you like we yould do this in a
so called "Mentoring of Month" (MoM) effort which is described here:


Kind regards


On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 10:11:41AM -0300, Cristina Melgosa wrote:
> *GNU Health wins the FSF Award for Projects of Social Benefit*
> http://blog.gnusolidario.org/2012/03/gnu-health-wins-fsf-award-for-projects.html
> We are extremely proud to announce that *GNU Health <http://health.gnu.org/>
> * just won the *Award for Projects of Social Benefits, *at LIBREPLANET
> 2012, Boston
> http://health.gnu.org/
> Cristina Melgosa
> GNU Health
> health.gnu.org


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