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Re: Request for advise: can auto_test build step be safely removed?

Hi Olivier,

On Wed, Mar 07, 2012 at 09:55:08AM +0100, Olivier Sallou wrote:
> there is an upstream bug I created on GBrowse package (new upstream
> release) that impacts the auto_test step (tests are failing in many places).
> I could see what is wrong with the bug and gave instructions to upstream
> author but I am not confident at patching the code (side efffects of my
> modification?)
> I tested the generated package (skipping the tests) and it is ok.

We have a lot of packages that do not contain any tests so we just do
not know about their automatic passing.  We are just testing those
packages manually and upload.  Sometimes automatic tests might fail for
some reasons in a test environment and we need to disable the tests - so
it makes sense to take the automatic testing with a grain of salt.
> Can I upload the new version of the package, skipping the tests (and
> specifying it in changelog) ?
> Or should I wait for upstream new release to include the fix (which may
> take a while).

If your impression is that the user will profit from the package as is I
would mention the problem of failed tests in README.Debian and that
upstream is working on the problem.  An upload under this circumstances
does sound OK to me.
Kind regards



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