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Re: Sofa-framework: Again QT help needed

Le 1/2/12 10:44 AM, Eric Maeker a écrit :
> Le 2 janvier 2012 08:50, Olivier Sallou <olivier.sallou@irisa.fr> a écrit :
>> Did you try to contact upstream to get info/report issue with Qt4 support?
> Hummm, in fact, no... I only managed the compilation...
> Do you want me to contact upstream ?
If there is an issue with Qt4 compilation, I think it would be nice to
report it upstream when we are sure of the issue.
If fixing it is a hurd for us, maybe upstream could easily fix the
compilation issues for us...

I do not use Sofa at all, nor Qt, so I cannot really help technically.
However I work at INRIA (not some place than Sofa team), so I may help
for getting in touch if needed.



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