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Re: Qiime and denoiser

Hi Andreas,

> I wanted to address #639389 by using dh --with python2 and dropping
> python-central because neither the current Debian package nor your
> packaging in branch builds under unstable.  


> When inspecting the
> packaging you are keeping in branch I noticed that you forget committing
>    debian/patches/fix_binary_helper_location.patch
> I fetched this file from your ppa and commited to SVN.

Thanks for spotting the oversight.  I really need to start pushing some
of these patches upstream.

> Please confirm that the current denoiser package in Debian is not needed
> any more and can be removed in favour of the code provided in the qiime
> package.

Definitely, yes.  "Denoiser" is now a feature of Qiime - see:

(third paragraph down)



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