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Re: [FreeMedForms] Creating a global "Linux Medical Team"

On 11/25/11 5:32 PM, Karsten Hilbert wrote:
On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 05:05:31PM +0100, Eric Maeker wrote:

While I agree the logical and lofty goal would be to create
a "Linux Medical Taskforce" I also know that doing so will
not achieve anything tangible.

Not sure, Debian Med is getting bigger and bigger, MedFloss too.
May be we can go one step further !
There are volonteers but they scattered on multiple projects while a
more unifying project can arise.

What would be the precise, medically relevant goal of this project ?

I fully agree with Eric and would question if we would need a clearly defined medical relevant goal for this endeavor.

First of all I would propose a more general working title: "Free and Open Source Medical Taskforce". Do we just want to limit our collaborative efforts to Linux? Also not-so-free OS can run great FLOSS software and they are still the most widely used in health care.

Is the scope of the task force primarily packaging? Or has it a wider definition?

For packaging I tried to provide at least some help through Medfloss.org. Per project you can specify if it is available through a Linux distro. Out of this a list is created that shows all projects at Medfloss.org that are not yet available through a specific distribution: Debian (http://www.medfloss.org/node/350), Fedora (http://www.medfloss.org/node/351), OpenSUSE (http://www.medfloss.org/node/352).

Not sure if you could think of Medfloss.org of being extended in such a way that it will support better and more effectively any packaging efforts. At least I can state that I would be more than open for any suggestions and willing to provide direct support or help others to get the features they want in Medfloss.org.

What would be the data that shall be available through a central forum or information space?



Without one it'd be useless.


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