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Looking for a DD to upload ActiViz.NET (again)

Dear DDs,

 I am looking for a debian-med DD to upload the ActiViz.NET package. It is
packaged in the debian-med svn as usual. And I uploaded a signed copy
on mentors:


or directly here:


 ActiViz.NET is the C# binding to the VTK library (C++), generated using mummy.

  I changed the versioning mechanism so that soversion is
automatically computed from the vtk version activiz.net is built
against. This will ease transition and will ease integration with
-say- ubuntu people. For this reason I need to reupload activiz, even
if there are very little changes, this is a NEW upload.

  I am also looking for feedback on the d/copyright file I cannot see
the actual issue with this file ? See the warning on the mentors page.

Thanks for your attention,

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