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Can it depend on this commercial lib?

I was trying to make a Debian package for http://openastexviewer.net/web/
but had the following problem:

It contains parts of a commercial library bwt:

For example the OpenAstex package contains the file
but there is no  source file StringCaseEditor.java.

Applications are allowed to include the bytecode of bwt. Citation from the FAQ:

DISTRIBUTING APPLICATIONS: Can I build applications with BWT and
  distribute them freely?

  Yes, all JClass products may be distributed royalty-free when
  they are part of your application. If you wish to bundle BWT
  controls with a development environment, contact KL Group for
  details of reseller and OEM programs.

I checked whether the included bytecode is readable or not.  The
bytecode is human readable and not encrypted.  Nevertheless, Java
bytecode is hard to read because it consists of low level
instructions. So it is not like a normal source code file.

There is no such debian package bwt in nonfree or main.

What would you suggest,
how should I proceed?

Thanks for your help


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