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Re: Latest blog post


On 08/22/2011 05:15 PM, Michael Banck wrote:
> the latest debian-med blog post (syndicated on Planet Debian, CC'd) 
> http://debianmed.blogspot.com/2011/08/experimenting-with-amazon-cloud-and.html
> has raised some eyebrows.  
> First off, it should be somehow stated which person wrote/posted the
> particular post for team-based blogs. This blog post was posted by "s",
> which is not enough IMHO.
It was me.
> Second, the content might be appropriate to the specific debian-med
> audience, but advertising commercial cloud services and/or payback
> systems (even with obviously good intentions) might be considered
> unsolicited spam by other Planet Debian readers, as it indeed did:
> <Clint> yay, spam
Yip, agreed, I had seen it on the planet and did not like it there, either.
I apologise.

For the future, is there a way to have some bits not forwarded?
Or to have them only selectively forwarded? Well, the mailing
list, probably.



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