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Re: Bug#629344: ITP: plastimatch -- medical image reconstruction and registration

(Oops, forgot to cc to list!)

> I would like to add a long description which should be
> given in an ITP
> and which you can perfectly obtain from the Debian Med
> tasks page (which
> is currently available only at the testing site[1])

Thanks Andreas!

Finally I got the Alioth ssh keys to work, but I had a trouble
uploading the directory into debian-med.  Any idea what I did wrong?

$ svn add plastimatch
$ svn commit -m "First attempt at debian package for plastimatch"
Adding         packages/plastimatch
Adding         packages/plastimatch/trunk
Adding         packages/plastimatch/trunk/debian
Adding         packages/plastimatch/trunk/debian/changelog
Adding         packages/plastimatch/trunk/debian/compat
Adding         packages/plastimatch/trunk/debian/control
Adding         packages/plastimatch/trunk/debian/copyright
Adding         packages/plastimatch/trunk/debian/rules
Adding         packages/plastimatch/trunk/debian/source
Adding         packages/plastimatch/trunk/debian/source/format
Adding         packages/plastimatch/trunk/debian/watch
Transmitting file data .......svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: Can't create directory '/svn/debian-med/db/transactions/6916-1.txn': Read-only file system

Greg Sharp

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