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Re: smile


On 05/31/2011 11:08 PM, Andreas Tille wrote:
> [...]
>> What will be the next steps? Shall I build the package and upload it  
>> somewhere? What about the svn tag? Shall it be done now or after the  
>> upload?
> There is no 
> need for an upload - we just have access to SVN and can
> build the package according to this.  (In general you might be
> interested to learn about mentors.debian.net which is a service where
> non Debian Developers can upload their packages for sponsering - but
> there is no real need to do this in the case of Debian Med maintained
> packages.)
I personally would think that also our Ubuntu PPA is a nice place
to put packages up for immediate utilisation.
> I'd suggest to tag the package once it is really uploaded by a Debian
> Developer who will sponsor the package.
> I'm quite sure somebody will have a look into your work soonish -
> currently I'm a bit occupied by my work - otherwise I would do it
> myself.
This shall be me. Weekend ...


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