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Anybody interested in SequenceConverter.app?


when browsing through the list of packages which have incomplete
information in our tasks files I stumbled uppon SequenceConverter.app.
Historically this program once was included in the BioCocoa package but
was removed from there because BioCocoa was released as separate library
(in higher version) and now has a separate package (currently sitting in
the new queue).  The remaining SequenceConverter.app is maintained in
our SVN and it was even uploaded to ftpnew in March 2009 but for some
reason never made it into the distribution.

Now I'm wondering whether it makes sense to reupload and spend some time
into this package or whether we just drop it from our tasks file because
there is no real interest (at least nobody expressed interest
explicitely and asked for this package).

What do you think?

Kind regards



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