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Re: cloud image preparation - kind of there

On Sun, Aug 08, 2010 at 06:01:44PM +0200, Steffen Möller wrote:
> Charles, this is excellent. Andreas, if you don't veto this,

Why should I veto? ;-) Do I really have veto rights or are we managing a
repository as a team?  I'm for all things who might have a practical use
and this is obviousely the case.  I think I will even bothering release
team to propagate Debian Med metapackages in freeze time because we need
to cover the state after the freeze (worked in past releases as well).

> then let us
> please start with such a manual setup and then find ways to autogenerate
> that from whatever source this may be. debtags come to mind, indeed. We
> would not even need a change in apt to get this implemented.

As you might have noticed I tried to sync the status of DebTags with our
tasks.  My feeling is that DebTags is nit as up to date that we could
use it for automatic generation of metapackages.  But that's irrelevant
for our current issue.
> Below changes (very little) and a full version attached.  I moved *bagphenotye*
> to "suggests" since the package is not yet uploaded,

That's wrong!  If a depends is the proper relation, just use it.  The
change to Suggest will be done by blends-dev automatically if the
package is missing.

> and garlic is gui-driven.
> Another immediate question is to what degree the image should be mostly of
> those bioinformatics packages. I could well imagine to have some more diversity
> or many different images for the various tasks of ours available.
> I'll upload our current version (a superset of this med-cloud), 2GB worth,
> tonight to spawn some more discussions.

Thanks for this effort.  Charles, will you commit to SVN?
Kind regards



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